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Results don't lie - and Success leaves clues...

Coming from over 20 years of business background and over 15 years studying Personal Development, Nathalie Sabrina Dahl combines both in a unique way.

She has shown by example that what she teaches works:

Changing career from an accountant to full time coach and trainer, she moved from zero to multiple 5figures a month within 18 months. And money is just one way to measure success: Over the past 5 years she helped hundreds of coaches to recreate success for themselves and their businesses, too.

As founder of THE VICTORY LOG (SWITZERLAND) LTD - she follows one mission:

To raise the standard of living for everybody by providing the best possible education.

Because there is not one problem on this planet which cannot be fixed with the right knowledge, adaption & implementation.



The 3 Keys to make any Coaching or Consulting Business work

What would you like to get help with?
  • ​Find Coaching Clients
  • Grow your Coaching Business
  • ​Become the Better Version of Yourself
  • ​Generate Qualified Leads on Autopilot 
  • Fill Your Appointment Calendar
  • ​Position Yourself as The Expert
  •  Learn non-Pushy Connection & Sales Strategies
  •  Convert & Sell better
  •  Speaker Training & Promoting
  •  Create a Scalable Coaching Model
What Nathalie's Clients say
Cornelia Handschin, Switzerland
"The Bitcoin Granny reveals: 3 new clients after only 3 sessions with Nathalie! If I can do it - anyone can"

Mark Harvey, UK
"15 high end clients worth more than 100 k£ within 3 months after starting Nathalie's Coaching, now ready to scale to the next level" 

Vishal Chaudhari, India
"I got 1 high end corporate client worth more than 50 k$ after 2,5 of working with Nathalie, 3 more lined up ready to sign, 30 in the pipeline and over 150 leads - this system works in all industries!"

as seen in....

speaking in front of more than a thousand entrepreneurs
teaching entrepreneurs about sales & leadership
speaking in front of 450 entrepreneurs
Teaching Sales & Leadership to a group of entrepreneurs
Teaching the Cashflow Community
Teaching at a Cashflow Event
with jt foxx at his house
training with blair singer
with ndaba mandela
What other people say about Nathalie Sabrina Dahl
One word about Nathalie: Powerhouse, 100 % committed, a Solution-Finder!
"Your Success Matters..."
- Nathalie Sabrina Dahl - 
Chapter 1: The Beginning
When I was 7 years old, I wanted to become a teacher. 

I was teaching my baby sister how to read and write - at the age of 3 - or at least I was trying to do so :)

And then I grew up - and I forgot...

And I took a detour of 25 years, learning the hard way...
Chapter 2: The Struggle
16 years ago, I was struggling with my Horse Business, which I started without the right knowledge, tools and mentors. I nearly crashed my second Business with an Online Platform 7 years after that, when I did not have the experience to select the right investors, partners and co-workers.
The first breakthru came to me when I discovered Personal Development and how becoming the bigger vessel myself I was able to gradually increase my results - and my income.

2nd AHA! happend when I met this guy:
Blair Singer, THE trainers' trainer, who helped me reconnect to my childhood dream:

Becoming a Teacher. And a Leader.

At his Train the Trainer workshop I re-discovered my passion for sharing what I learned with others. And I loved it!

The idea for THE VICTORY LOG as a Coaching and Teaching company was born.


"Nathalie is one of the few people, I have to keep up with... gonna do this project and that project - I turn around, and the project is done... She has proven that wherever she goes, she is unflappable, if somebody throws a problem at her, she doesn't even blink" 
Blair Singer at Nathalie's Certification Ceremony (Level 2 Trainer at BSTA - Blair Singer Training Academy)
Chapter 3: And... it works!
I discovered the 3rd AHA! after speaking on stage in Johannisburg in front of about 1000 entrepreneurs:

Being on stage created the leverage I needed for my business - and all of a sudden people who would not want to talk to me before - were listening when I spoke. I became "somebody" - hah!

I then started working on my positioning, message and sales skills - and increased my income from lower 4-figure to multiple 5-figures (USD) a month within 11 months.

This is what I would like to share with you. Sign up for the free training by email on Marketing, Positioning and Sales - and it will be my pleasure to teach you everything I know.
interview with jt foxx in southafrica
Watch what JT Foxx and Nathalie Dahl have to say about the most important thing when speaking and an interesting aspect about being a "woman speaker"
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