WELCOME to the FreedomCoach Podcast,
where I'll share with you all the steps and strategies I took to move from being stuck in a cubicle, working 24/7, doing a job I hated, paying off a lot of debt, barely seeing my kids...
...to becoming a FREEDOM COACH, where you...
  • make 5 - 10 x more money
  • do exactly what You love!
  • Decide what to do, when, where and with whom
  • get to travel the world - working only 20 % of the time
The sole purpose of this is to hopefully help you save time & money by learning from my mistakes (and lessons) - and not to boast and tell you how great I am.
Nathalie Sabrina Dahl
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Episode 032 - INTERMEZZO: story about freedom - and a dishwasher and what the 2 have in common. Why is this important? Because it might answer your question as to why you are listening to this Podcast :)

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Episode 031 - Step 4 is using the analogy of a fisherman and what needs to be done to attract the ideal clients to you, why this approach works and how to design it for an optimal result
Episode 030 - Step 3 utilizing the prototyping approach when it comes to this step will not only help you create a business model that works but it will simplify your journey - BIG TIME, hence making your job of growing a lot easier
Episode 029 - Step 2 is one step a lot of startups are afraid of taking. Yet missing this crucial step and really clearly defining it results in marketing that simply does not work and a business which will always feel like an uphill battle
Episode 028 - Step 1 - and the most difficult piece of the puzzle of starting and growing your coaching business
Episode 027 - How one (minor) shift in communicating my message helped me 5 x my 1:1 coaching fee
Episode 026 - The month after the Mountain - solution for a financial crisis and a turning point
Episode 025 - Lessons from the Mountain... and: Don't let the M-Factor stop you! Listen here:
Episode 024 - You've made that decision - now what? 

This is what I did after deciding to go "ALL-IN" with the coaching/consulting business. Listen here:
Episode 023 - A turning point and...
Are you ready for Your Leap of Faith?
Episode 022 - Three Key Lessons at once: A powerful tool, seminar politics and persistence...
Episode 021 - The Downside and Upside of the Law of Reciprocity for Coaches
Episode 020 - Filling Workshops is easy.... - or not?
Episode 019 - 5 strategies on how to build your Network from scratch
Episode 018 - INTERMEZZO: Fast forwarding to present time and the lesson about what happens when Theory meets Practice...
Episode 017 - This episode goes out to all the parents - and those of you who have kids or teenagers in your environment you care about :)
Episode 016 - inter view with Blair Singer,  my mentor and the person who inspired me to do what I do.... he shares what makes you a teacher AND a leader
And... for the visual people here's also the video 
Episode 015 - What do you do as a "Newbie Coach" when you don't have any content of your own?
Episode 014 - When starting out in any new venture: how do you move from "invisible" to "power"?
Episode 013 - Taki Moore, my coach, mentor and friend, shares what's possible in terms of money, meaning and freedom as a Freedom Coach
And... for the visual people here's also the video 
Episode 012 - kickoff as a coach, and... the eternal question: Are you good enough?
Episode 011 - My second attempt at a public training and a funny story about it... well now it's funny - it was quite embarrassing back then... :)
Episode 010 - Thailand, December: What to do when your Limo (Limousine) shows up in life - and why...
Episode 009 - My very first corporate training,  aaaaall the Rookie Mistakes I made - and the lessons from them
Episode 008 - A turning point - and resistance & reluctance prior to it 
Episode 007 - How I found an investor in a way which is a little unconventionel....
Episode 006 - A Set-Back and the one key element that cost me about 3/4 of a year...
Episode 005 - Everybody talks about Authenticity - but what does it REALLY mean?
Episode 004 - The TRUE reason for my progress - without this, everything else moves only very sloooooooooowly....
Episode 003 - A Lesson in Humility - and something I really sucked at...
Episode 002 - The 1 plus 1 Thing 
- a Lesson from my Hardship
Episode 001 - How it all started... and what is a Freedom Coach - anyway?
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